Research Experience

[1] Volunteer Research Positions (unpaid)

May 2018 – Till nowRegional Clinical Research Coordinator of North African Countries; Global PaedSurg is an international prospective cohort study, affiliated to the King’s College of London, UK and Funded by Wellcome Trust UK, a collaboration of surgeons, anesthetists and allied health professionals caring for neonates and children requiring surgery across the globe. This aims to be the largest, most comprehensive prospective cohort study on the management and outcomes of congenital anomalies in low-, middle-, and high-income countries.
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Jan 2015 – April 2016: Board Member & Head of the Scientific Committee – EMRA Collaborative; EMRA (Egyptian Medical Research Association) is a national medical research collaborative that was launched in January 2015 at the Egyptian Medical Syndicate to (1) build the research capacity of medical students and Egyptian physicians, and (2) deliver multicenter studies across Egypt. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Amal Hashish, MD, Ph.D.; Professor of General Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt.
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Jan 2015 – April 2016: Head of Scientific Committee & Scientific Research Advisor – SRU ZU; SRU-ZU is the Student Research Unit of Zagazig University (Egypt), a subsidiary unit from the TICO (Technology Innovation and Commercialization Office), the activities of the unit includes teaching students about scientific research skills, organizing research courses and workshops, and developing scientific research projects. Supervisor: Prof. Mahmoud Sitohy, PhD

July 2014 – Till now: Founder, Chairman, and Senior researcher – MRGE national research team; MRGE (Medical Research Group of Egypt) is a national Student Research Group that was established in July 2014. MRGE team consists of more than 400 student researchers, physicians, and faculty professor representing all Egyptian universities. The team builds the medical research capacity in Egypt and lunch many clinical research studies with the help of students and seniors.
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Feb 2014 – Oct 2016: National Clinical Research Coordinator of GlobalSurg-1 international cohort study; GlobalSurg Collaborative is an international research collaborative affiliated to the Surg Foundation (the UK registered research charity; Reg number: 1159898) and part from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Global Health Unit on Global Surgery. The first international cohort study (GlobalSurg-1) was launched in February 2014 in 357 hospitals in 58 countries all over the world. As a national research coordinator of GlobalSurg-1, my responsibilities included study dissemination to Egyptian universities, recruiting collaborators for data collection, explaining the study protocol, obtaining the necessary ethical approvals and patient consents, and coordinating the data collection process in 27 hospitals in Egypt. Egypt was the 3rd highest contributing country to the data pool of the study (1000 patients out of 10,000 patients worldwide).
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[2] Consultative and contract based research activity (paid)

Organization: Accsight (Healthcare Integrated Solutions), Cairo, Egypt
Service: Development of research projects in partnership with Healthcare and pharmaceuticals Since May 2018 – ongoing

Organization: DataClin Contract Research Organization, Cairo, Egypt
Service: Revising 15 clinical study protocols (grant submissions)
Since June 2017 – ongoing

Organization: Clinart MENA Contract Research Organization, Dubai Healthcare City, UAE
Service: Development of study protocols, Sample size calculation, and Medical statistics
Since May 2017 – ongoing

Organization: Health Company, San Francisco, CA, USA
Service: Consultations regarding data analysis
Since October 2016 (one month)

Organization: Magrabi foundation for community eye health, at Magrabi eye hospital, Cairo, Egypt
Service: Clinical Research Course(s)
Since March 2016 – ongoing

Organization: Epidemiology Department, Egyptian Liver Research Institute and Hospital, Sherbeen, Mansoura, Egypt
Service: Revision of manuscripts before submission & I gave a medical statistics workshop
Since September 2015 (two months)