Negida’s Clinical Research Courses

What is Negida’s Clinical Research Training (NCRT)?

NCRT is a group of clinical research courses that aim at building clinical research knowledge and skills among physicians and researchers.

Why You Should Learn from Ahmed Negida

[1] Excellent communication skills: Dr. Negida’s strong communication skills enable him from explaining sophisticated concepts in an easy and simple method.

[2] Extensive Research Experience: Dr. Negida has +5 years of clinical research experience producing +50 international research publications with high citation metrics and strong research profiles (see Scholar, SCOPUS, and ResearchGate).

[3] Explaining the Experience NOT the page of the book: Dr. Negida outstands from the crowd; the first source of his lectures is his actual research experience rather than readings from the traditional books!

[4] From theory to practice: If you need theory, theoretical learning is everywhere; open a book, watch a youtube video, or study a MOOC. If you need to practice, then most of Negida’s courses are accompanied with hands-on workshops to enhance the practical application of intended learning objectives.

The Main Five Courses of Negida Clinical Research Training

Course 1: CRM (Clinical Research Methodology)
This course includes Searching the Literature, Hypothesis testing, Protocol writing, Ethical considerations of clinical research, Data collection procedures, Bias and errors, Overview of Clinical Study Designs, Case reports and case series, Cross-sectional studies, Cohort studies, Case-control studies, Diagnostic test accuracy studies, Fundamentals of clinical trials, and Systematic reviews and Meta-analysis (definitions only).

Course 2: MedStat (Medical Statistics on SPSS)
This course includes Descriptive statistics, Probability distributions, P value, Confidence intervals, Vital rates in Epidemiological studies, Hypothesis testing, Correlation analysis, Regression analysis, Survival analysis, Case scenarios for analysis procedures of cross sectional studies, cohort studies, case-control studies, diagnostic test accuracy studies, and clinical trials, and the “interpretation” of the Meta-analysis.

Course 3: SSC (Sample Size Calculation)
This course includes sampling methods in clinical research, basic concepts of sample size and power calculation, MCID: definition, importance, and applications, How to calculate Sample size for Independent case-control studies, Independent cohort studies, Matched case-control studies, Paired cohort studies, Population surveys, How to calculate Sample size based on survival analysis, correlation, Superiority trials, and Non-inferiority trials, Bioequivalence trials.

Course 4: HWPR (How to Write and Publish Research)
This course includes the structure of the biomedical research paper,  Standard reporting of clinical research, Pules of scientific writing, Authorship, selecting a suitable journal for your paper, How to prepare your manuscript, Writing a cover letter, and the Academic publishing process

Course 5: SRMA-int (Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of interventional studies)
This course includes Types of Systematic Reviews, Steps of Systematic Reviews, Developing review criteria, How to search the literature, Tips for data extraction, Quality assessment of interventional studies, Introduction to Meta-analysis. Choosing the best statistical method for each outcome, Pooling continuous and dichotomous data, Interpretation of Forest plot, Interpretation of Funnel plot for Assessment of Publication bias Subgroup analysis and Sensitivity analysis,  PRISMA checklist, Data analysis [workshop], Estimation of missing data in the meta-analysis, Meta-regression analysis: concept, procedures, and interpretation,  Cumulative meta-analysis, Leave one out meta-analysis, IPD meta-analysis, NMA network meta-analysis (define & example only), Examples and practical simulation workshop on Meta-analysis.

Other courses

CRBC (Clinical Research Basics Course)

SRMA-DTA (Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy studies)

CMRC (Comprehensive Medical Research Course)

FCT (Fundamentals of Clinical Trials)

MA (Introduction to Meta-analysis)