Clinical Research Methodology

Who can attend

The course is suitable for researchers on all academic levels including:
– Master’s students
– Ph.D. students
– Faculty members
– Clinicians
– Pharmacists
– Independent researchers
– Undergraduate students (beyond their 2nd year)

Course Duration

Fifteen hours on three days
Five hours per day
From 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Course Syllabus

First day (Clinical Research Methodology 1)
1- Searching the Literature
2- Hypothesis testing
3- Protocol writing
4- Ethical considerations of clinical research

Second day (Clinical Research Methodology 2)
5- Data collection procedures in clinical research
6- Bias and errors
7- Overview of Clinical Study Designs
8- Case reports and case series
9- Cross-sectional studies

Third day (Clinical Research Methodology 3)
10- Cohort studies
11- Case-control studies
12- Diagnostic test accuracy studies
13- Fundamentals of clinical trials
14- Systematic reviews and Meta-analysis (definitions only)


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