How to Write and Publish Research

This condensed workshop aims at teaching you how to write your research paper in a quality that meets the standards of publication in international peer-reviewed journals.

Who can attend

The course is suitable for researchers on all academic levels including:
– Master’s students
– Ph.D. students
– Faculty members
– Clinicians
– Pharmacists
– Independent researchers
– Undergraduate students (beyond their 2nd year)

Course Duration

Six hours on one day
From 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Course Syllabus

1- Structure of the biomedical research paper
2- Standard reporting of clinical research
3- Rules of Scientific Writing
4- How to Determine Authorship
5- How to Select a suitable journal for your paper
6- How to prepare your manuscript
7- How to Write the Cover Letter
8- How to Reply to Reviewers’ Comments
9- Academic publishing process


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