My Research Journey

I have received many questions about my journey in clinical research, how did I start, which resources I used, and which model I followed since my first in my medical school till now. In order to provide detailed answers to these important questions and to record this experience for the upcoming students, I have made a video series on the You-tube which acts as a guide for medical students in Egypt and neighboring countries.

In the first video, I’m explaining the starting point. What were the motives? and What were the initial steps that I took in this pathway?

In the second video, I’m giving an overview of the types of research in medicine differentiating between basics science research and clinical research from one point and between primary and secondary research from another point.

In the third video, I’m explaining the skills required for medical students to participate in research.

The last video is a motivational video explaining the outcomes of our research activity and what we have achieved after 5 years applying our student research model besides studying in the medical school.

Before you start …!

The first and the most important question that every student should answer before following this model is to tell themselves WHY; “Why they want to do research”. Participating in a research activity means that you will spend time, money, and efforts in an extracurricular activity outside your studies in the medical school. Therefore, students should have strong motives to maintain their enthusiasm throughout the journey.