Winter School 2019

NCRT is a comprehensive clinical research training that includes five separate workshops/modules covering the following topics: clinical research methodology, medical statistics, medical writing, academic publishing, sample size calculation, systematic review, and meta-analysis.


The course includes 5 educational modules given on 11 days.
# Module 1: Three days 1-3: Clinical Research Methodology 
# Module 2: Three days 4-6: Medical Statistics on SPSS
# Module 3: One day 7: Sample Size Calculation in Clinical Research Studies
# Module 4: One day 8: Medical Writing and Academic Publishing
# Module 5: Three days 9-11: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of interventional studies

Setting & Duration

Med-House Academy, Abbasia, Cairo, Egypt 
أكاديمية ميدهاوس – الدور الثاني – مسجد الوحدة بالعباسية , أمام الكاتدرائية , العباسية , القاهرة

55 hours on 11 days 
From 26 January 2019 to 5 February 2019


Participants can register for one module only or some modules or the full training (5 modules).

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