This post will be updated regularly with any new posts or information that I discuss or post. This is a summary of all my posts, reviews, and opinions on COVID-19.

COVID-19 Pathology

COVID-19 Epidemiology

[1] How to Calculate the Case Fatality Rate:

[2] Why current mortality rates are overestimated?

[3] Imperial College Model:

[4] Temperature & Coronavirus

[5] My response letter to The Lancet Paper claiming that Egypt had 19,000 or 50,000 cases on 6 March:

COVID-19 Risk Factors & Predictors of Disease Severity

The AI study of 30/3/2020:

ACE inhibitors and ARBs are safe on Hypertensive patients with COVID-19:

Summary from my readings:

COVID-19 Diagnosis



Social Distancing & Mobility Restriction:

Vaccines; Why do they take much time?:

Vaccines; Why they might not work?:

COVID-19 Treatments

[1] Mechanical Ventilation

The ONLY evidence-based intervention that reduces the mortality of COVID-19 patients is the MECHANICAL VENTILATION.

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[2] Promising & Futile Agents

(A) Candidate drugs that seem to be PROMISING (based on clinical trial results) are:1- Remdesivir2- Favipiravir3-…

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[3] Antimalarial drugs

The French Study [Review 1]:

The french study [Review 2]:

The french study [Review 3]:

Another french study:

About the author of the french study:

A second study shows hydroxychloroquine is not effective:

A third study [unpublished] shows that chloroquine might not be effective:

Possible safety issues with HQ/Q [from the animal study]:

[4] Kaletra (Lopinavir/Retinovir combination)

هام جدا … تداولنا في الفترة الأخيرة العديد من المعلومات عن الكاليترا و هو خليط من مركبين antivirals هما…

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[5] Remdesivir

[6] Fraviprivir

Egypt will participate in the clinical trials of Avigan:

[7] Ivermectin

Why is it too early to judge the Ivermectin?

The dosing issue with Ivermectin:

Other important notes on COVID-19

Pharmacological interactions of candidate COVID-19 drugs:

Outcome measures & prioritizing COVID-19 treatments:

Should we use unproven treatments for Coronavirus patients? The ethical and methodological challenges.

The fresh plasma case series; special conditions where we can use the case series as evidence on treatment efficacy:

The need for success criteria in the current COVID-19 practice:

Suggested reasons why developed countries have more disease burden than developing countries:

The scientific research pathway to propose and evaluate a new treatment:

Additional note on the accelerated FDA approval:

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