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5.0 rating

Even i attended some courses on clinical research, I believe this course is unique and hits the mark especially in statistics section
I strongly recommend it to all medical, para-medical students and doctors who going to start their research career

Abdulmueti Alhadi

It is great course. Although I have MSc degree and I know many things about research methods, this course helped to learn more and provide me with amazing details in the clinical research

4.0 rating

I recommend this informative course for all people how interested in clinical research methods

Anas Alhakami

Extending the course period

5.0 rating

Dear Doctors,
Thank you for this review and all efforts. I want to suggest to extend the course time facilitating to understand the course theoretically and allowing us to be more strong in practice related to this one. So, Could you let the practice period after finishing the course theoretically?
May Allah grant you all and giving you more efforts.
Thank You…
Your Faithfully
Dr. Anas Abusamaha

Anas Abusamaha

Feedback on statistics course

5.0 rating

شوف يا د احمد
انا معايا دكتوراة فى تخصصى
ودرست إحصاء طبية ضمن المنهج الدراسى بتاعنا وامتحنت
فيها …كمان
بس الحقيقة
و مش مجاملة
انت شرحتها بشكل عبقرى ،، السهل الممتنع زى ما بيقولوا
مجهودك واضح جدا فى توصيل المعلومة بأكتر من طريقة
انا حقيقى مبسوطة انى اتوفقت لأنى اخد الكورس ده معاك
و سأقوم بترشيح نفس الكورس لكل زملائى

Sarah atef