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[1] Negida’s Lecture Notes of Clinical Research

[2] Book Chapters 3 and 4 in “Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate and Expanded Stem Cell Applications in Orthopaedics”

This reference presents insights into the development of bone marrow aspirate stem cell (BMAC) technology and the potential role of stem cell expansion in the regeneration of damaged and deficient musculoskeletal tissues. The book features valuable contributions from stem cell therapy experts from around the world. The authors explain the production, proliferation, differentiation into various tissues, and medical applications of stem cells. In addition to work on the use of stem cells in the treatment of non-unions and bone defects, the book explores the potential for articular cartilage regeneration, repair of tendon injuries, the treatment of degenerative joint disease, revascularization of bone and regeneration of damaged nerves as well as spinal cord injury. The authors also explain the ethical challenges faced by researchers and public authorities working on stem cells and the varying constraints on the development of this technology around the world. Scientists and surgeons, alike, who are involved in the fields of orthopedics, rheumatology, stem cell, and regenerative medicine will benefit from the illuminating snapshot of the applications of BMAC stem cell expansion presented in the volume. The book was edited by Dr. Mohamed Imam and Dr. Martyn Snow and was published by Bentham Science Publisher.

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[3] Negida’s Handbook of Medical Research

Part 1: Chapters From 1 to 14: Clinical Research Methodology

Part 2: Chapters from 15 to 30: Biostatistics in Clinical Research

Part 3: Chapters from 31 to 37: Scientific Writing and Academic Publishing

Part 4: Chapters from 38 to 43: Softwares in Clinical Research

The first edition of this book will appear in late 2019.