How I started research

I have received so many inquiries about how I started my research journey during my undergraduate studies at Zagazig University, Egypt. This information would be helpful for medical students in many developing countries with similar situations where no or few Read more

Negida’s Handbook, Part 1

The first part of Negida’s Handbook of Medical Research, dedicated to clinical research methodology, has been published and is now available for download and purchase. List of contents CHAPTER 1 GENERAL SCHEME OF CLINICAL RESEARCH 7 CHAPTER 2 SEARCHING THE Read more

C3: Sample Size Calculation

Sampling methods in clinical research What is the meaning of statistical power? How to calculate sample size for Population surveys* How to calculate sample size for Independent case-control studies* How to calculate sample size for Independent cohort studies* How to Read more

C2: Medical Statistics on SPSS

Types of data Descriptive statistics P-value Confidence intervals Data description on SPSS* Testing data normality* Comparing means by T-test* ANOVA test* Mann Whitney and Wilcoxon tests* Chi-square test* Kappa test of agreement* Correlation analysis* Linear regression analysis* Survival analysis (Kaplan Read more

C1: Clinical research methodology

General steps of research Searching the Literature Hypothesis testing  Protocol writing      Ethical considerations of clinical research Overview of Clinical Study Designs        Case reports and case series       Cross-sectional studies      Cohort studies Case-control studies                      Diagnostic test accuracy studies Fundamentals of clinical Read more