Online Clinical Research Training

Registration is now open for Dr. Negida’s online courses. To register, click the registration button below and fill the registration form. You will be contacted when the course dates are arranged with other colleagues. Each participant will receive a unique username/password to log in to take the course. The courses contain a combination of recorded mini-videos, power-point presentations, scientific articles to read, quizzes, and practical assignments to be done and get evaluated directly by Dr. Negida on weekly basis. Please, note that participant access is limited for one user only and the system will not allow re-taking the course once you have finished it.

Courses for Beginner Level

Introduction to Clinical Research [Three Weeks] [$30 USD]

Courses for Intermediate Level

Medical Statistics on SPSS [Three Weeks][$30 USD]

How to Write and Publish Research [One Week] [$10 USD]

How to Calculate the Sample Size [One Week] [$10 USD]

Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis [Four Weeks] [$35 USD]

Courses for Advanced Level

Medical Statistics on Stata [Three Weeks] [$30 USD]

Advanced skills in Meta-analysis [Three Weeks] [$20 USD]