Negida’s Clinical Research Training


Medical research is the backbone of advances in medicine. Proper training is essential to build basic knowledge about research methodology and to acquire the basic skills required to practice research. Negida’s Clinical Research Training is a comprehensive clinical research training that includes five separate courses covering clinical research methodology, medical statistics on SPSS, rules of medical writing and academic publishing, sample size calculation, and systematic review and meta-analysis. This comprehensive training aims at building medical research knowledge and skills among physicians and researchers.

Who can participate?

The course is suitable
for researchers on all academic levels including:

  1. Clinicians
  2. Pharmacists
  3. Master’s and Ph.D. candidates
  4. Faculty members
  5. Independent researchers
  6. Undergraduate students (beyond their 2nd year)

What makes this training unique?

  1. The training starts with a basic overview of clinical research methodology, therefore, it is suitable for beginner and intermediate level researchers.
  2. The training focuses on building a concrete deep understanding of the basic methods of research rather than giving superficial definitions.
  3. The training includes several case scenarios and hands-on experience allowing participants to participate in simulations and examples.
  4. The training is provided in two options: online and offline which makes it reachable and accessible to many researchers.
  5. The course instructor, Dr. Negida, has a long experience in teaching research methodology in a very simple and understandable manner to more than 2000 researchers over the past 5 years with exceptional success and excellent feedback.
  6. Participants remain attached to Dr. Negida after the course has finished, through an online Facebook group. They can communicate with Dr. Negida, ask for consultations, or plan to start their own research project.

Training time and setting

Course fees

Training Syllabus

Course 1: Clinical research methodology

  • General steps of research
  • Searching the Literature
  • Hypothesis testing 
  • Protocol writing     
  • Ethical considerations of clinical research
  • Overview of Clinical Study Designs       
  • Case reports and case series      
  • Cross-sectional studies     
  • Cohort studies
  • Case-control studies                     
  • Diagnostic test accuracy studies
  • Fundamentals of clinical trials    
  • Systematic reviews and Meta-analysis (definitions only)
  • Data collection procedures in clinical research
  • Bias and errors

Course 2: Medical Statistics on SPSS

  • Types of data
  • Descriptive statistics
  • P-value
  • Confidence intervals
  • Data description on SPSS*
  • Testing data normality*
  • Comparing means by T-test*
  • ANOVA test*
  • Mann Whitney and Wilcoxon tests*
  • Chi-square test*
  • Kappa test of agreement*
  • Correlation analysis*
  • Linear regression analysis*
  • Survival analysis (Kaplan Meier curve) *

* Practical with examples, interpretation, and assignments

Course 3: Sample Size Calculation

  • Sampling methods in clinical research
  • What is the meaning of statistical power?
  • How to calculate sample size for Population surveys*
  • How to calculate sample size for Independent case-control studies*
  • How to calculate sample size for Independent cohort studies*
  • How to calculate sample size for Matched case-control studies*
  • How to calculate sample size for Paired cohort studies*
  • How to calculate sample size based on survival analysis*
  • How to calculate sample size based on correlation*
  • How to calculate sample size for Superiority trials*
  • How to calculate sample size for Non-inferiority trials*
  • How to calculate sample size for Bioequivalence trials*
  • Using the minimum clinically important difference in sample size calculation

* Practical with examples and assignments

Course 4: How to Write and Publish Research

  • Structure of the biomedical research paper
  • Standard reporting of clinical research using EQUATOR network guidelines
  • Rules of scientific writing
  • Common mistakes in scientific writing
  • How to write the abstract/conference abstract
  • How to select a suitable journal for your paper
  • Authorship guidelines
  • How to prepare your manuscript on the uniform requirements of ICMJEs
  • How to write the cover letter
  • Recommending reviewers
  • Academic publishing process
  • Predatory journals – how to identify and avoid them?

Course 5: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

  • Why do we need
    systematic reviews?
  • Types of Systematic
  • Steps of Systematic
  • Review question
  • Developing the review
  • How to search the
  • Methods of screening
  • Tips for data extraction
  • Quality assessment of RCTs
    using Cochrane ROB tool
  • PRISMA flow diagram
  • Risk of bias figure
    and risk of bias summary
  • Introduction to the Meta-analysis
  • Interpretation of
    Forest plot
  • Pooling continuous and
    dichotomous data
  • Interpretation of
    Funnel plot for Assessment of Publication bias
  • Subgroup analysis and
    Sensitivity analysis
  • PRISMA checklist
  • Meta-analysis workshop
    (3 case scenarios)
  • Estimation of missing
    data in meta-analysis
  • Meta-regression
    analysis: concept, procedures, and interpretation
  • Cumulative
  • Leave one out
  • IPD meta-analysis, NMA
    network meta-analysis (define & example only)

† Practical on
Review Manager software (with examples and assignments)

‡ Practical on Open Meta[analyst] software (with examples and assignments)

Teaching methods

Course instructor



[1] Apply through the registration form:

[2] Transfer the course fees through any of the following methods

* Vodafone Cash service to the number: 01007864573

* Bank Transfer (EPG inside Egypt)

  • QNB Bank (Customer ID: 1001127266; Name: Ahmed Said Abdou Elsayed Negida)
  • Al Ahli Bank (Account no: 4305000974047601018; Name: Ahmed Said Abdou Elsayed Negida)
  • CIB Bank (Account no: 100037677765; Name: Ahmed Said Abdou Elsayed Negida)

* Bank Transfer ($ USD international transfer to IBAN)

  • IBAN: TR700020500009559672300001

* Online Payment through PayPal

Training Sources and Main References