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Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Global NeuroSurg Research Collaborative, I’m inviting you to join the World Global Neurosurgical Research Collaborative, dedicated to collaborative multicentre neurosurgical research:

The first GNS study (GNS-I) is an international, prospective, cohort study of the management and outcomes of Traumatic Brain Injury worldwide. Any worldwide hospital receiving TBI patients is eligible for participation. Within any two weeks from June 2019 to December 2020, collaborators collect the data of all consecutive TBI cases attending in their hospital and follow them for 90 days. Neurosurgeons, trauma surgeons, intensive care specialists, anesthesiologists, and emergency medicine physicians are invited to collaborate in the GNS-I study on the outcomes of TBI worldwide. Medical students and trainees are encouraged to collect the data under senior supervision. Collaborator teams can include up to 3 members. Multiple teams in the same institution can register as long as they collect data for different 2-week periods. The GNS-I study protocol and other documents are available here for your consideration:

Who manages the GNS research collaborative?
The study is planned by a research group of worldwide investigators dedicated to neurosurgery research, who are listed on the study website here: We are open for collaboration with other research groups. The secure RedCap system of the Brain Institute of Oregon Health and Science University, USA, will host this study. Collaborators can register in the GNS-I study by filling the registration form on the study website:

Authorship & Publication
The project will give multiple international publications. All collaborators will get PubMed citable co-authorship as collaborators in all publications from this project; this authorship model is similar to this example:; therefore, this project is an opportunity to build local, national, and international research networks. This project will also be useful for medical students and trainees who need powerful publications to boost their CV and build connections to support their career pursuits.

Funding & Next Studies
Observational studies of the GNS are not funded by a third party. However, we plan to solicit funding for future multicentre clinical trials. This requires a strong network of reputable investigators, which we are currently building through our two initial observational studies GNS-I (2019-2020) and GNS-II (2021-2022). The GNS-II and GNS-III studies will audit stroke management and brain cancer surgeries.

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Kind regards,
On behalf of the GNS steering committee
Ahmed Negida, MBBCh

Ph.D. candidate (2020) in biomedical sciences, Portsmouth University, UK
Neurosurgery Research Fellow, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, Turkey
MBBCh (M.D.) Trainee at Zagazig University Hospitals, Egypt
Tel: +201125549087