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    2022 Winter School of Clinical Research

    Our 2022 winter clinical research training starts in the first week of February 2022. 1. Live Zoom Lectures The following courses will be given as live Zoom lectures during the 5 weeks: C1: Introduction to Clinical Research Methodology (3/4/5/6 Feb) C2: Introduction to Medical Statistics on SPSS (10/11/12/13 Feb) C3: Sample Size Calculation (18/19 Feb) […]

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    2021 Summer Research Course

    Our summer clinical research training starts in the first week of August. The following courses are available: C1: Introduction to Clinical Research Methodology C2: Introduction to Medical Statistics on SPSS C3: Sample Size Calculation C4: How to Write and Publish Research C5: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis For registration and more information, contact my course coordinator, […]

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    NCRT Summer 2020 is starting within a week

    Kindly note that our NCRT Summer Research Training will be held online owing to the current restrictions on mobility and gatherings. The course starts next Friday 7, 2020. All sessions will be held online through Zoom online meeting. All sessions will be recorded. Up to 200 participants from +13 countries registered their interest in my […]

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    Global Neurosurg-1

    Dear Colleagues On behalf of the Global NeuroSurg Research Collaborative, I’m inviting you to join the World Global Neurosurgical Research Collaborative, dedicated to collaborative multicentre neurosurgical research: The first GNS study (GNS-I) is an international, prospective, cohort study of the management and outcomes of Traumatic Brain Injury worldwide. Any worldwide hospital receiving TBI patients is eligible for participation. Within […]

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    Our Complete Guide to Learn Medical Research Skills

    [1] My research experience Details on my website: Video (1) The start: Video (2) Types of research: Video (3) Required skills to do research & recommended resources: Video (4) Outcomes of my activity: [2] Free Public Resources Clinical Research For Medical Students: General Steps of Medical Research: How […]

  • How I started research

    I have received so many inquiries about how I started my research journey during my undergraduate studies at Zagazig University, Egypt. This information would be helpful for medical students in many developing countries with similar situations where no or few research opportunities exist for medical students. The four videos were posted on my Youtube channel […]

  • Negida’s Handbook, Part 1

    The first part of Negida’s Handbook of Medical Research, dedicated to clinical research methodology, has been published and is now available for download and purchase. List of contents CHAPTER 1 GENERAL SCHEME OF CLINICAL RESEARCH 7 CHAPTER 2 SEARCHING THE LITERATURE 12 CHAPTER 3 STATING THE HYPOTHESIS 27 CHAPTER 4 PROTOCOL WRITING 34 CHAPTER 5 […]